Tuesday, June 17, 2014

"Emma, she sing Go"

You know Emma sings lots from Frozen when one of Stella's new sentences is, "Emma, she sing Go!"

We finally have grass in the backyard so we've been playing out there a lot.  Stella, your new sandbox from Nana and Papa is up and operational.  You and Emma have been playing in the cottage a ton.  It's so nice to go outside with no shoes on!

You are slightly obsessed with brushing your teeth and washing your hands.  This morning you decided my phone was dirty and needed washing as well.  That was a bit concerning.  It's still working though!

You respond immediately to the words, "Ready, set, Go!" and go racing across the backyard with a giant smile on your face.

Your hair is getting longer and a tad curly too.  I'm not sure how long that will last, but it's adorable right now.

You're a bit of a pain when it comes to food.  You don't like to eat vegetables unless they're mixed in with apple sauce or yogurt.  You now ask for a peach cup and granola bar by name (and usually accompanied with squeals or crying to get your way).

Monday, May 19, 2014

You are TWO!

I am late in posting this, but I was waiting for a couple things and the first happened tonight.  A couple months ago we attempted to convert your crib into a big girl bed.  That didn't go well.  I tried it again tonight and it worked perfectly!  You are officially in a big girl bed!  You cried a little when I walked out of the room, but you stayed in bed.  I left you alone to see if you'd stop crying and you did.  I didn't dare open the door to see if you had laid back down, so I just peered under the door to see if I saw any of feet walking around and I didn't so I figured you were sleeping.

The other thing I was waiting for was to get your sand box outside that Nana and Papa got you for your birthday, but we haven't done that yet as we're working on getting sod in the backyard.  Those pictures will come eventually.

We had your party on your actual birthday.  We did a Dr. Seuss theme since you love to be read to.  It was a nice enough day that we could be outside too.  You ate your cupcake frosting first without using your hands,  Then when you got most off you lifted it up and continued to lick the rest off.  You never ate the actual cake part.  You were wowed by a couple gifts: the princess bucket for the sand box, the soccer ball, and the mini drum set.  You got a trampoline from Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Denny too.  It's been funny watching you try to use it as you haven't figured out the jumping part.  You would much rather still use the neighbors' full size one and just run around on it without jumping.

You're starting to say more words and sentences.  My favorite sentence is still "I wuv you."  My second favorite one is your current one that's just emerged the last couple days, "I want one too."  Your words are getting clearer and clearer, which makes me feel better.  The other day Emma and I were still finishing dinner.  You were done and got down just to do puzzles by yourself.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

A little stinker

It appears that I am only able to manage a post once a month, about this time actually.  Stella, please don't take it personally!  There will be more over summer.  It was a cold winter, and it's still a cool, late spring so there wasn't much going on.  You've been stubborn on many levels so we haven't had many new things to talk about.  Over spring break, we were able to go do some things outside.  We went to the butterfly house and the Children's Gardens at MSU.  We also went to Small Animal Day.  You weren't impressed with the Butterfly House.  To be fair, we weren't either.  Only about a half dozen butterflies and 5 of them were high up in a tree -- which I can't really blame them for!  You did like running around the Children's Gardens, although I'm still concerned you're going to fall into the pond.

You LOVED Small Animal Day.  We got there around 8:45.  Doors weren't supposed to open until 9, but they were already open and they let us in.  We got to see all the animals up close before any of the crowds got there and it paid off.  You greeted all the animals not with their name but with their noises.  You darn near strangled a chick though.  You wanted nothing to do with touching the cow.  Emma sat down like she was going to milk it this time, but then she just wanted to talk to the MSU student about her shirt.  You loved the baby goats and rabbit outside in the petting area.  You joyously ran back and forth between all the pens.

We went to Aunt Mickie's and Uncle Mark's for Easter.  Nana, Papa, Great Grandma, Uncle TJ, Aunt Kellyn and Addy were all there along with Uncle Mark's dad and brother.  We tried to put you down early for a nap as we were heading over there during the typical nap time.  That didn't work.  I was wondering how you were going to fare at the house.  You were clingy to start, but Papa started feeding you and you were all set!  You really need to interact with him in different ways!  You went to everyone, you hung outside with Uncle TJ and Aunt Kellyn.  You fell at one point and even went to Uncle Mark's dad to show him your arm and get some sympathy.

You're starting to speak more and enunciate more.  "My shark" for the toy shark in the bath tub is a new one.  You enunciate mine, please, and "hug you" when you want me to carry you down the stairs (or up).  You still just point to the fridge and yell when you want something that's not on your plate for a meal.  I name things off and you just nod but don't repeat the word.  You're very stubborn about speaking as well as your eating.  You don't eat everything we put in front of you.  You also don't always eat the same things.  You can eat macaroni and cheese happily one night and then a week later not want anything to do with it.  It's a constant struggle.  We don't just give you alternate food anymore.  I think you're slowly getting over it.  I'm hoping you aren't as stubborn about transitioning to a big bed or potty training.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

books and books and books

Stella, your favorite thing to do right now is to be read to.  This morning, you must have brought me books for 45 minutes.  When I tired of reading, you started with the big picture books where you point out pictures that I ask you to find.  Your vocabulary is expanding too.  This could be due to hearing all these words recently.  You try to mimic all our words.  There's some things you say very pointedly, but we still haven't figure out what they mean.  You've also started tugging and pulling at our leg to get us to where you want us.  You are still a climber.  Karen gave us the Barbie house that her girls had.  At least 3 times I have found you standing on the second tier or sitting on the top tier.  I'm just glad you haven't tried to climb out of your crib yet.

Pretty soon we'll start transitioning you to a big girl bed and potty training.  I can't believe you'll be two soon!

Friday, February 28, 2014

More phrases

Oh, Stella… your two clearest stated phrases: "I fart" and "I poop".  After you say, "I fart" you then smirk.  It's so funny.  You also now have some possessive phrases: "mama's tea" and "mama's phone.

You have figured out to mooch food from Emma.  She enjoys sharing with you -- pudding, apple sauce, strawberries, anything really.  She likes feeding you.  You now try to climb into her chair at the kitchen table while she's eating and just take directly from her.

You both have started fighting over toys a bit too.  Usually you put down the toy, she picks it up, you try to take it back, and a pulling match ensues.  Emma's plan is to let go and find a new toy.  She usually forgets that though.  You're slowly learning that you have to take turns too.

Right now you're into throwing things out in the pantry.  You'll find a sticker Emma has put on something -- a coloring book or the inside of one of her purse-things -- you'll pull it off and bring it to the garbage in the kitchen to throw out.  You sometimes have to be stopped!  You'd throw out everything in your path if you could.

You LOVE Emma.  First place you want to go is Emma's room to see her.  Daddy has been off this week so Daddy's been getting her from school.  It's just you and me on the ride home.  As soon as we get to the car, you question, "Emma?" look in her chair and sadly say, "Emma."  You can now climb into her bed on your own.  There are nights you crawl in and try to fall asleep next to her, but you two break into giggles so it's a no-go right now.  Maybe when you're a bit older.

You really enjoy Curious George.  You like watching it on TV and you like to read the stories in the book we have.  You even say "George" when you see him or the book.  It's really cute!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

More words and dancing

Stella, you are using more words and phrases although your enunciation is not always perfect.  You've moved on from "poo poo" to "I poo poo."  Unfortunately you think you have always done #2.  As soon as you can differentiate we might start potty training.  You've started saying "Layla", one of your friends at daycare.  You like the "p" sound: purple, pot pie, pepper.  You've also discovered the Dr. Seuss "ABC" book and ask for multiple readings of that in one sitting.  Your dancing is coming along as well: spinning, twisting, asking to hold my hand.  You often ask for a spoon at meals even if you don't then use it to eat.  You don't always finish the end sound of the word though.  My personal favorite is your "I love you" which sounds more like "Ow-luv ooo".

Emma, you had a similar conversation with me as you did Daddy not too long ago (asking our age, then counting up, then getting to a number and saying we'd be too old then and you'd have to get a new mom or dad).  Unfortunately you only got me up to 39 before calling me too old.

Emma, you went with daddy to your first roller skating party at the end of January.  I haven't gotten Daddy to get the pictures off his phone yet.  You had a blast.  He had a lot of fun with you too.  You only fell a couple times.  You were convinced before going that you knew exactly how to do it.

I got to preschool to pick you up on Tuesday.  You apparently counted all the way up to 108 that day with only some assistance at changes of tens.  You also helped your buddy Jacob with his coloring.  Mrs. M and said she noticed you helping him -- hand over his hand to guide his coloring -- and she pointed out to Mrs. Rogers to look because she found the moment so cute.  On our drive home I asked whether he asked you for help or if you just noticed his need.  You said you noticed he was scribbling and decided to help him.  I hope you always employ that empathy with friends.  I hope we can keep fostering that.  We got home that night and you tried that with Stella just to have Stella yell because she wanted to do it herself!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Traverse City in winter

This past Friday was Spencer's birthday so we went to Traverse City on Saturday for his birthday.  We stayed overnight at Aunt Kate's house.  Teryn met us at our house then drove with us to TC.  The first thing discovered was the bunk bed.  Stella, you decided you were big kid enough to climb the ladder up.  Unfortunately you aren't big kid enough to get back down on your own or to be sure to stay sitting the entire time so an adult (and usually me) had to be in there all the time with you.  However, you all did determine that 4 kids can sleep in one twin-size bunk bed.

We hit a point where you all needed to burn some energy so we went out sledding.  Stella, it was your first time on a sled.  You were up for most anything.  Uncle Nate built a pretty good run.  James wiped out face first.  Spencer was the first to poop out.  Emma, you went next.  James stayed out despite getting a ton of snow in his face.  Stella, as long as you were moving, you were good.  Your nose was running two walrus-like tusks of snot, but you were happy still!

We stopped at Grand Traverse Pie Company for lunch before leaving town and Cherry Republic to get some salsa and chocolate covered cherries.  You two were definitely sleep deprived.  You both went down easily enough for bed last night, but 30 minutes after I went to bed, Stella started crying so I pulled her into bed with me.  Then about 2 hours later, Emma woke up with a bloody nose.  Stella didn't stay sleeping through that.  Emma, you did much better about not crying during the nose bleed though so that helped.  Then about an hour after that, Emma crawled into bed with Stella and I.  So, not only do 4 young kids fit in a twin bed, but all three Heck girls do too.  Although, I didn't end up getting much sleep with all of us in there.  Both of you seemed to want to sleep with your heads on my face.  Not comfortable, I can tell you!