Tuesday, June 17, 2014

"Emma, she sing Go"

You know Emma sings lots from Frozen when one of Stella's new sentences is, "Emma, she sing Go!"

We finally have grass in the backyard so we've been playing out there a lot.  Stella, your new sandbox from Nana and Papa is up and operational.  You and Emma have been playing in the cottage a ton.  It's so nice to go outside with no shoes on!

You are slightly obsessed with brushing your teeth and washing your hands.  This morning you decided my phone was dirty and needed washing as well.  That was a bit concerning.  It's still working though!

You respond immediately to the words, "Ready, set, Go!" and go racing across the backyard with a giant smile on your face.

Your hair is getting longer and a tad curly too.  I'm not sure how long that will last, but it's adorable right now.

You're a bit of a pain when it comes to food.  You don't like to eat vegetables unless they're mixed in with apple sauce or yogurt.  You now ask for a peach cup and granola bar by name (and usually accompanied with squeals or crying to get your way).

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