Monday, May 19, 2014

You are TWO!

I am late in posting this, but I was waiting for a couple things and the first happened tonight.  A couple months ago we attempted to convert your crib into a big girl bed.  That didn't go well.  I tried it again tonight and it worked perfectly!  You are officially in a big girl bed!  You cried a little when I walked out of the room, but you stayed in bed.  I left you alone to see if you'd stop crying and you did.  I didn't dare open the door to see if you had laid back down, so I just peered under the door to see if I saw any of feet walking around and I didn't so I figured you were sleeping.

The other thing I was waiting for was to get your sand box outside that Nana and Papa got you for your birthday, but we haven't done that yet as we're working on getting sod in the backyard.  Those pictures will come eventually.

We had your party on your actual birthday.  We did a Dr. Seuss theme since you love to be read to.  It was a nice enough day that we could be outside too.  You ate your cupcake frosting first without using your hands,  Then when you got most off you lifted it up and continued to lick the rest off.  You never ate the actual cake part.  You were wowed by a couple gifts: the princess bucket for the sand box, the soccer ball, and the mini drum set.  You got a trampoline from Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Denny too.  It's been funny watching you try to use it as you haven't figured out the jumping part.  You would much rather still use the neighbors' full size one and just run around on it without jumping.

You're starting to say more words and sentences.  My favorite sentence is still "I wuv you."  My second favorite one is your current one that's just emerged the last couple days, "I want one too."  Your words are getting clearer and clearer, which makes me feel better.  The other day Emma and I were still finishing dinner.  You were done and got down just to do puzzles by yourself.

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