Sunday, April 27, 2014

A little stinker

It appears that I am only able to manage a post once a month, about this time actually.  Stella, please don't take it personally!  There will be more over summer.  It was a cold winter, and it's still a cool, late spring so there wasn't much going on.  You've been stubborn on many levels so we haven't had many new things to talk about.  Over spring break, we were able to go do some things outside.  We went to the butterfly house and the Children's Gardens at MSU.  We also went to Small Animal Day.  You weren't impressed with the Butterfly House.  To be fair, we weren't either.  Only about a half dozen butterflies and 5 of them were high up in a tree -- which I can't really blame them for!  You did like running around the Children's Gardens, although I'm still concerned you're going to fall into the pond.

You LOVED Small Animal Day.  We got there around 8:45.  Doors weren't supposed to open until 9, but they were already open and they let us in.  We got to see all the animals up close before any of the crowds got there and it paid off.  You greeted all the animals not with their name but with their noises.  You darn near strangled a chick though.  You wanted nothing to do with touching the cow.  Emma sat down like she was going to milk it this time, but then she just wanted to talk to the MSU student about her shirt.  You loved the baby goats and rabbit outside in the petting area.  You joyously ran back and forth between all the pens.

We went to Aunt Mickie's and Uncle Mark's for Easter.  Nana, Papa, Great Grandma, Uncle TJ, Aunt Kellyn and Addy were all there along with Uncle Mark's dad and brother.  We tried to put you down early for a nap as we were heading over there during the typical nap time.  That didn't work.  I was wondering how you were going to fare at the house.  You were clingy to start, but Papa started feeding you and you were all set!  You really need to interact with him in different ways!  You went to everyone, you hung outside with Uncle TJ and Aunt Kellyn.  You fell at one point and even went to Uncle Mark's dad to show him your arm and get some sympathy.

You're starting to speak more and enunciate more.  "My shark" for the toy shark in the bath tub is a new one.  You enunciate mine, please, and "hug you" when you want me to carry you down the stairs (or up).  You still just point to the fridge and yell when you want something that's not on your plate for a meal.  I name things off and you just nod but don't repeat the word.  You're very stubborn about speaking as well as your eating.  You don't eat everything we put in front of you.  You also don't always eat the same things.  You can eat macaroni and cheese happily one night and then a week later not want anything to do with it.  It's a constant struggle.  We don't just give you alternate food anymore.  I think you're slowly getting over it.  I'm hoping you aren't as stubborn about transitioning to a big bed or potty training.

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