Saturday, March 29, 2014

books and books and books

Stella, your favorite thing to do right now is to be read to.  This morning, you must have brought me books for 45 minutes.  When I tired of reading, you started with the big picture books where you point out pictures that I ask you to find.  Your vocabulary is expanding too.  This could be due to hearing all these words recently.  You try to mimic all our words.  There's some things you say very pointedly, but we still haven't figure out what they mean.  You've also started tugging and pulling at our leg to get us to where you want us.  You are still a climber.  Karen gave us the Barbie house that her girls had.  At least 3 times I have found you standing on the second tier or sitting on the top tier.  I'm just glad you haven't tried to climb out of your crib yet.

Pretty soon we'll start transitioning you to a big girl bed and potty training.  I can't believe you'll be two soon!

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