Friday, February 28, 2014

More phrases

Oh, Stella… your two clearest stated phrases: "I fart" and "I poop".  After you say, "I fart" you then smirk.  It's so funny.  You also now have some possessive phrases: "mama's tea" and "mama's phone.

You have figured out to mooch food from Emma.  She enjoys sharing with you -- pudding, apple sauce, strawberries, anything really.  She likes feeding you.  You now try to climb into her chair at the kitchen table while she's eating and just take directly from her.

You both have started fighting over toys a bit too.  Usually you put down the toy, she picks it up, you try to take it back, and a pulling match ensues.  Emma's plan is to let go and find a new toy.  She usually forgets that though.  You're slowly learning that you have to take turns too.

Right now you're into throwing things out in the pantry.  You'll find a sticker Emma has put on something -- a coloring book or the inside of one of her purse-things -- you'll pull it off and bring it to the garbage in the kitchen to throw out.  You sometimes have to be stopped!  You'd throw out everything in your path if you could.

You LOVE Emma.  First place you want to go is Emma's room to see her.  Daddy has been off this week so Daddy's been getting her from school.  It's just you and me on the ride home.  As soon as we get to the car, you question, "Emma?" look in her chair and sadly say, "Emma."  You can now climb into her bed on your own.  There are nights you crawl in and try to fall asleep next to her, but you two break into giggles so it's a no-go right now.  Maybe when you're a bit older.

You really enjoy Curious George.  You like watching it on TV and you like to read the stories in the book we have.  You even say "George" when you see him or the book.  It's really cute!

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