Wednesday, February 5, 2014

More words and dancing

Stella, you are using more words and phrases although your enunciation is not always perfect.  You've moved on from "poo poo" to "I poo poo."  Unfortunately you think you have always done #2.  As soon as you can differentiate we might start potty training.  You've started saying "Layla", one of your friends at daycare.  You like the "p" sound: purple, pot pie, pepper.  You've also discovered the Dr. Seuss "ABC" book and ask for multiple readings of that in one sitting.  Your dancing is coming along as well: spinning, twisting, asking to hold my hand.  You often ask for a spoon at meals even if you don't then use it to eat.  You don't always finish the end sound of the word though.  My personal favorite is your "I love you" which sounds more like "Ow-luv ooo".

Emma, you had a similar conversation with me as you did Daddy not too long ago (asking our age, then counting up, then getting to a number and saying we'd be too old then and you'd have to get a new mom or dad).  Unfortunately you only got me up to 39 before calling me too old.

Emma, you went with daddy to your first roller skating party at the end of January.  I haven't gotten Daddy to get the pictures off his phone yet.  You had a blast.  He had a lot of fun with you too.  You only fell a couple times.  You were convinced before going that you knew exactly how to do it.

I got to preschool to pick you up on Tuesday.  You apparently counted all the way up to 108 that day with only some assistance at changes of tens.  You also helped your buddy Jacob with his coloring.  Mrs. M and said she noticed you helping him -- hand over his hand to guide his coloring -- and she pointed out to Mrs. Rogers to look because she found the moment so cute.  On our drive home I asked whether he asked you for help or if you just noticed his need.  You said you noticed he was scribbling and decided to help him.  I hope you always employ that empathy with friends.  I hope we can keep fostering that.  We got home that night and you tried that with Stella just to have Stella yell because she wanted to do it herself!

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