Sunday, January 19, 2014

Traverse City in winter

This past Friday was Spencer's birthday so we went to Traverse City on Saturday for his birthday.  We stayed overnight at Aunt Kate's house.  Teryn met us at our house then drove with us to TC.  The first thing discovered was the bunk bed.  Stella, you decided you were big kid enough to climb the ladder up.  Unfortunately you aren't big kid enough to get back down on your own or to be sure to stay sitting the entire time so an adult (and usually me) had to be in there all the time with you.  However, you all did determine that 4 kids can sleep in one twin-size bunk bed.

We hit a point where you all needed to burn some energy so we went out sledding.  Stella, it was your first time on a sled.  You were up for most anything.  Uncle Nate built a pretty good run.  James wiped out face first.  Spencer was the first to poop out.  Emma, you went next.  James stayed out despite getting a ton of snow in his face.  Stella, as long as you were moving, you were good.  Your nose was running two walrus-like tusks of snot, but you were happy still!

We stopped at Grand Traverse Pie Company for lunch before leaving town and Cherry Republic to get some salsa and chocolate covered cherries.  You two were definitely sleep deprived.  You both went down easily enough for bed last night, but 30 minutes after I went to bed, Stella started crying so I pulled her into bed with me.  Then about 2 hours later, Emma woke up with a bloody nose.  Stella didn't stay sleeping through that.  Emma, you did much better about not crying during the nose bleed though so that helped.  Then about an hour after that, Emma crawled into bed with Stella and I.  So, not only do 4 young kids fit in a twin bed, but all three Heck girls do too.  Although, I didn't end up getting much sleep with all of us in there.  Both of you seemed to want to sleep with your heads on my face.  Not comfortable, I can tell you!

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